Female Genital Mutilation- A Social Curse

FOR USE WITH FEATURE PACKAGE FOR MONDAY, JULY 8-- Hudan Mohammed Ali, 6, screams in pain while undergoing circumcision in Hargeisa, Somalia, June 17, 1996. Her sister Farhyia Mohammed Ali, 18, holds her so she cannot move. (AP Photo/Jean-Marc Bouju)

No Matter if she’s your daughter, sister, mother or better half but above all she’s an individual soul and she must have a right when & how to reproduce, where to lose her virginity. When the earth came to existence there was no life on it. With the time, changes occurred and life started originating. When human species came into existence the first struggle they had to undergo was to save themselves &   human race. Some where it is nature which provided humans and other living species a capability to reproduce to expand life further. But in lieu of some social beliefs this human race is on a track of violating nature’s rule. Just to keep few social myths alive they are playing with lives of females by crucifying their genital parts.

female genital circumcision

FGM-What is it?

Female genital mutilation is the cutting of partial or total of female genitalia just to keep her away from any sexual act till marriage. In other words, it is practiced to keep social values alive and to keep a girl pure soul until she is handed to her husband.

It is estimated that there are around 60,000 females who have undergone this painful process in UK and over 20,000 girl children are prone to this sinful act every year in countries like Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and amongst African nations. This is basically practiced by minority and ethnic communities due to their religious views and also by new groups that join these communities.


FGM is practiced on little girls and the extremity level varies depending on practitioner. There are 4 types defined during mutilation of genitalia.

Type I:  Removal or clitoris and some or all part of labia minora:

In it clitoris and surrounding tissues are removed. This is termed as clitorectomy.

Type II: Excision:

In it along with the removal of clitoris and labia minora part the urethera is covered by skin closing most of vaginal opening.

Type III: Infibulation:

Incisions are made in labia majora to create raw surface along with removal of clitoris and labia minora part. Infibulation is considered to be most fatal and can cause death at times.

Type IV: This level includes more severity with pricking, cutting labia.

Instruments used:

The instruments used during process are not sterilised and could be a simple blade. Even the practitioner doesn’t hold any medical degree. Sometimes During procedure the victim aren’t given anesthesia, so they have to bear all the pain which leads to mental shock and they can get traumatized.


Logically I don’t find any positive factor in this sinful act.

Impact on the lives of women who suffered from FGM:

  • During pregnancy the women who have undergone mutilation requires reopening of vagina to allow delivering of baby which causes excruciating pain and could lead to severe bleeding and can even cause infant or mother’s death.
  • Some communities prefer continuous FGM even after pregnancy to avoid more children. This affects the health of female and leads to lifetime trauma.
  • It can cause vaginal infection and even more severe tetanus, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and other problems.
  • Besides this it causes abnormal periods, extreme pain and might cause kidney failure also.

It serves no purpose either to the FGM sufferer or society, yet it’s hard to understand why the so called human race is doing such acts. Why don’t men cut their genitals to avoid rapes, which is a more sensitive issue than making already pure souls more serene. Our society will be more clean and full of moral values without such shameful acts. Love, care & respect is what should be the topmost priority of every human being. This will bring rather more peace and purity in our lives than any FGM act.

      Please Wake up! Stop Women Violence! Don’t make Human race the worst race nature has ever created!