“FRIENDSHIP DAY”- 8 reasons why we need a friend!


“FRIEND” is a word which whenever crosses our mind, causes chemical stimulation in our nervous system with the overflow of lots of emotions.  Friends are those with whom we can even enjoy worst days and without whom best days seems worthless. It’s not a relation of name or fame. We have social friends, close friends, stupid friends, funny friends, serious friends and just friends, but it’s fun to be with all of them.

 Why Need Of A Friend?

  1. While going on date with boyfriend/ girlfriend on Sunday :- For safety purpose it’s always necessary to let a friend know that you are on a date so that you remain safe if your dad asks you where were you whole day and if he wants to confirm about your lie.
  1. Heartbreak :- When you got breakup with your partner and in a serious trauma. He will give you hundred of reasons why you should not have been in that relationship.
  1. Hangout :- Neighbors are n’t a good option for hangout if you want to enjoy your day. Rest your choice!
  1. Bunk from a boring class :-Without friends you are going to get bore outside the class either.
  1. Want to buy a gift for your partner while having empty pocket :- You can reach them without hesitation.
  1. Need tips for makeout:- They are the perfect teachers. Will make you master in a day.
  1. Morale down:- They will make you laugh so hard that you will get filed with joy and enthusiasm next moment.
  1. Feeling alone :- They are always free for you. Friend is the one who can leave his interview in IBM just because you need him.

Well, do you all really think we need reasons for making friends? They are priceless indeed.