Robotic exoskeleton upgrades will be in Market to the public by 2015


Imagine beefy associate degree exoskeleton strength foil to your gliding joint sort of a shoe. That is specifically what you may  be in a position do from 2015, because of Yaskawa electrical.

The Japanese company plans to be the primary within the world to sell exoskeletons to the final public from 2015. The primary device to travel on sale are the gliding joint Walking Assist Device (AWAD) which boosts gliding joint strength and balance.

The user straps on the mech upgrade and attaches the complimentary battery pack to the waist. The boots, then sense heel contact with the bottom and deliver boosted strength to assist balance. This might be ideal for associate degreeybody sick from a gliding joint injury or – it’s target market – the older to assist them stay mobile.

While the AWAD upgrades are aimed toward the older at first, this is often an enormous success – virtually and metaphorically – for wearable technology. We’ll all probably be sporting some iteration of a smartwatch and maybe heads-up-display glasses by 2015, thus why not upgrade our muscles whereas we’re at it?

Yaskawa electrical has not prompt a value purpose for the AWAD boots ,however hopes to mass market them by 2015.